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Values & Goals


Working to make Vermont a more humane place for wildlife.



  • We envision a time when wildlife will be valued based on its intrinsic value and afforded better protections.

  • We serve as a voice to counter those who choose to exploit wildlife for their own interests.

  • We educate the public about the impact that personal and political decisions have on wildlife.

  • We seek to change the wildlife governance paradigm in Vermont to ensure that a broad range of voices are heard, not just those who hunt or trap.


Who We Are

Our team of volunteers is comprised of biologists, wildlife rehabilitators, educators, and other professionals who seek better protections for wildlife. We collaborate with nonprofits, both local and national, to ensure we are all working together to offer the best outcomes.

What We Do

With the dedication and support from our statewide network of volunteers

  • We support our state’s licensed wildlife rehabilitators.

  • We monitor wildlife legislation and rule making in an effort to keep the public informed and also ensure enforcement of existing laws and rules.

  • We provide referrals to people who are looking for humane ways to address wildlife conflicts.

  • We educate the public about the dangers and cruelty of trapping.

Vermont youth campers chose Protect Our Wildlife for their learning experience  on public service announcements at Mount Mansfield Community Television. Watch here!

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