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Protecting Your Property

VT Fish & Wildlife does not make it easy for landowners to post their land, but we hope that won't discourage you. Per the VT constitution, Vermonters have the right to protect their property. Hounding challenges that constitutional right. If you post your land, you might have a civil trespass claim if the hounds enter your property. In many, if not all states, even personal property (in this case dogs, since they are still considered property) that belongs to someone and enters another's property can be a trespass. You may also have a nuisance claim.

The regs are listed HERE and we've also included the pertinent info below.

Signs must be:

  1. be not less than 8 1/2" x 11";

  2. have lettering and background of contrasting colors;

  3. state that hunting, fishing or trapping or any combination of the three are prohibited or forbidden;

  4. be dated each year;

  5. be erected on or near the boundaries of the posted land or waters, not more than 400 feet apart, and at each corner of the boundaries of posted land;

  6. be annually recorded at the town clerk's office in the town where the posted land or waters is located, on a form provided by the Fish & Wildlife Commissioner, with a copy retained and a copy provided to the Commissioner; and

  7. shall not be considered void if other language is added to the sign that is not covered by section 5201, as long as a reasonable person would understand that hunting, fishing or trapping are prohibited or forbidden.

We highly recommend these highly durable Tyvek signs  — they last for years!

If you need help posting your land, email us and we may have volunteers to assist.

Read Burlington Free Press article here on posting property.

Hounded by hounds?

POW may be able to help.


If your land is properly posted against hunting yet hunting dogs enter your property, disturbing your peace or even causing damage, you may be able to seek a remedy in court. POW has resources available to evaluate your case and potentially allow you to pursue justice. 


Not posted? We can help with that, too! We can buy signs for people and also enlist the help of volunteers to post land. Email us HERE

• We have a fund to help landowners dealing with hounding conflicts.

Learn more here: "Protect Our Wildlife creates fund for landowners in bear hounder conflicts" in Barre Time Argus on Jan. 10, 2022​  READ HERE

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OP-ED: "The only way to protect property is to post the land"

Hounded by Hounds
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