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Past Legislative Sessions

2023 Legislative Session

H. 323  An act relating to prohibiting the hunting of bear or coyote with dogs


S. 111 An act related to trapping

  • POW's Brenna Galdenzi  testifies at the Statehouse 3/22/23 HERE

H. 191 An act related to trapping



  • Download our one-page fact sheet (see below) on H.191 HERE  (black & white option available HERE)

If you would like more information on any bills, please email us at

2022 Legislative Session

S.201, Ban on Leghold Traps

S.281, Ban on Coyote Hounding

S.129, Make VT Fish & Wildlife Board Advisory Only

H.172, An act relating to trapping and hunting This is the bill that sought to ban recreational trapping and bear hounding, which was obviously a huge lift. We were advised by the bill sponsor, Rep. Jim McCullough, that there won't be enough time this year to continue testimony and move this bill. It'll be interesting if any new bills are introduced this year addressing components of McCullough's bill. All of your hard work advocating for this bill last year was not lost. Legislators know that this is an issue that is important to Vermonters and we aren't going away! 

H.411, An act relating to the retrieval and disposal of wild animals We are excited that this bill that seeks to ban wanton waste of wildlife will be taken up soon and put out for a vote! If this legislation passes it'll be one of the strongest in the country! Learn more about the bill here. 

H.316, An act relating to control over hunting dogs While we prefer to see bear hounding banned altogether, H.316 seeks to better define what control of dogs means and would require bear hound hunters to be within visual and verbal command of their hounds. Currently, hounders are often miles away in their trucks monitoring the hounds' activity with a handheld GPS device. We are not sure if this bill will be taken up. 

S.129,  An act relating to the management of fish and wildlife  Our members know that we have long had concerns with the insular and undemocratic way in which the Fish & Wildlife Board (FWB) operates—this bill seeks to fix that! The bill would require broader representation on the FWB, as well as make it an advisory body only. If you haven't listened to our podcast yet on this topic, you can tune in here. Stay tuned for future alerts on this vital piece of legislation as we suspect there will be a hearing.

S.151, An act relating to the posting of land with paint markings. This legislation sponsored by Senator Pollina eases the burden of landowners posting their land. The legislation mirrors Maine's purple paint law and would only require landowners to "post" their land once and it's done! No more signs being torn down and annual posting requirements that are oftentimes impossible for many landowners to adhere to. If passed, Vermont would join 15 other states that have this law. 

 (No number yet) Legislation sponsored by Rep Satcowicz prohibits the poisoning of wildlife and also better defines when landowners can kill wildlife on their property. The way the law currently reads under title 10 V.S.A. §4828, allows for an open season on foxes, bobcats, otters and other furbearers. No bill number yet, but stay tuned! Learn more here.


2021 Legislative Session


H.167 An act relating to establishment of the Environmental Stewardship Board

H.172 An act relating to trapping and hunting

H.316 An act relating to control over hunting dogs

H.411 Ban on wanton waste 

S.129 An act relating to the management of fish & wildlife

2020 Legislative Session


Rep. McCullough

NatRes, FW

An act relating to the funding of the Department of Fish and Wildlife


Rep. McCullough

NatRes, FW

An act relating to the management of fish and wildlife


Rep. Harrison

NatRes, FW

An act relating to the intentional release of balloons


Rep. Dolan

NatRes, FW

An act relating to prohibiting incidental take of migratory birds

2019 Legislative Session

H.190  To establish the Vermont Working Group on Wildlife Governance

• Supporting documentation for H.190 from Vermont Wildlife Coalition


S.29  To restrict the sale of products and parts of the most at-risk species.

H.357  Bill to prohibit wanton waste 

• Learn about wanton waste here

H.411  An act relating to nuisance wildlife and trapping

• Why regulations are needed on "nuisance" wildlife trapping.

• "Support H.411", sponsored by Rep. Jim McCullough

H.410  An act relating to hunting and trapping

• Shorten the bear hound training season by two months, allowing sows to tend to their cubs

• Bear hounds may only be registered under one permit

• Require that someone who is trapping “nuisance” wildlife for compensation has a license specific to that activity and pay a fee


1/25/19 Latest legislative efforts: to read more,  click here 

*Unless otherwise specified

2018 Legislative Session

Federal bill H.R. 1438: The refuge from cruel trapping act

 H.262: An act relating to the licensing of nuisance wildlife control operators 


 H.60: An act relating to the hunting of coyotes 


Additional Reading/Listening for H. 60:

  • POW President's video testimony on Vermont’s Coyote hunting policy to the House Committee on Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife, 1/25/18

  • POW's Verbal testimony on Vermont’s Coyote hunting policy to the House Committee on       Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife, 1/25/18

  • Read POW's testimony on H.60 here and here.

  • The Facts about Coyotes or Coy Dogs

  • Indiscriminate Killing of Coyotes Doesn't Work (HSUS, Feb. 2017)

  • Support H.60 to Reform Coyote Hunting (HSUS

  • POW 1.30.2018 verbal testimony to the legislature on trapping bills, H.262 & H.590

  • VT Coyote Coexistence Coalition testimony in opposition to the current open season on coyotes and coyote killing contests

H.220: An act related to the sale of ivory or rhino horn 


H.336: An act relating to membership of the Fish & Wildlife Board

H.590: An act relating to the incidental trapping of fur-bearing animals or other wildlife

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