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"Wildlands & Wildlife: Whose Values Count?", by Walter Medwid, in Wildlands, Woodlands, Farmlands and Communities, From the Ground Up, Spring 2024

“A Will to Dominate: Problems and Pathologies of State Wildlife Management” (which includes the four essays, “The Despotic Nature of State Wildlife Management,” “Worldviews and the Ethos of State Wildlife Management,” “The Cult of Hunting and Its Timely Demise,” and “Sociopolitical Entanglements of State Wildlife Management”), by Dr. David Mattson. 

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and Who Pays for It

Governance Principles for Wildlife Conservation in the 21st Century

How the United States was Able to Dodge International Reforms Designed to Make Wildlife Trapping Less Cruel

Lyme Disease and Lack of Predators

Why the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is Problematic for Modern Wildlife


A Conservation Institution for the 21st Century: Implications for State

Wildlife Agencies

Killing for Fun(ds): The Centerpiece of Agency Interactions with Wildlife

by Laura Nirenberg, Trevor Desane, and  E. Anne Benaroya

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Participation up in Wildlife Viewing and Fishing, Down in Hunting

Once I found out: Awareness of and attitudes toward coyote hunting policies in Massachusetts, Human Dimensions of Wildlife,  Jennifer L. Jackman & Jonathan G. Way (2017)

Coyotes' Reproductive Response to Unregulated Killing/Human Caused Mortality

Co-Existing with Coyotes by Robyn E. Worcester, Stanley Park Ecology Society, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Robert Boelens, Stanley Park Ecology Society, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

Wildlife Conservation & Management Funding in the U.S. by Mark E. Smith & Donald A. Molde, October 2014

North American Model: What's Flawed, What's Missing, What's Needed

North American Model of Wildlife Conservation: Empowerment and Exclusivity Hinder Advances in Wildlife Conservation (Serfass)

Why Hunting Isn't Conservation

Predators and the Public Trust 

The Achilles Heel of Participatory Conservation 

Humanity’s diverse predatory niche and its ecological consequences

Articles by Others
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