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Act Now!

There are things you can do and we need your help!

Write to your legislators and let them know that wildlife protection is important to you! Share your concerns about the inhumane and indiscriminate nature of trapping, as well as the use of hounds to hunt bears, coyotes, and other wild animals. You can find your legislators' names and email addresses by inserting your town here. Some facts you may want to include in your email are provided here and here. 

Share information on your town's Front Porch Forum! It is an effective and free way to help raise awareness. There are so many Vermonters who are unaware that trapping and hounding are even legal.

Host a community meeting or leaflet to help raise awareness about the need for wildlife protection. We can provide you with material. Depending upon our availability, we can present either in-person or online. 

Submit letters to the editors of newspapers. It is an effective way to reach the mass public on various matters relating to wildlife protection.  Here are a few examples of our members' letters: here and here.  Contact us with ideas and we'd be happy to help. We can also provide you with a statewide list of newspaper contacts.

Promote coexistence with wildlife over killing by sharing information found on our website here 

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