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Many of our members have voiced opposition to the trapping of fox, bobcats, beavers, and many other species who play a vital role in our ecology. While there are trapping seasons for species who are trapped for their fur, since traps are inherently indiscriminate, a trap that is set for a coyote will catch a bobcat.

American martens, listed as endangered by the state of Vermont, are killed each year in traps set for other animals (mostly fisher). Vermont Fish & Wildlife have no way of knowing how many of these animals are killed in traps each year since they do not require trappers to report this.

There are things you can do and we need your help!


Write to your legislators and share your concerns about the inhumane and indiscriminate nature of trapping. You can find your legislator's information here. Some facts you may want to include your email are provided  here. We’d love it if you share your e-mail and response from your legislator with us. You can also share this email alert on your Front Porch Forums. There are so many Vermonters who are unaware that trapping is even legal.


Submitting letters to the editors of newspapers is an effective way to reach the mass public on matters relating to wildlife protection. Some of our supporters have written letters about the following topics: the unnecessary and inherently cruel fur trade, concern over their dogs/cats getting caught in traps, opposition over animals suffering in traps for long periods of time, to just name a few. Here's an example of one of our volunteer's letters. 

Contact us with ideas and we'd be happy to help and we can also provide you with a statewide list of newspaper contacts.​

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